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See The Northwest From The Luxury Of A Limo

April 21st, 2022

The Great Northwest, a common phrase, but it until you actually come to the area and visit, it is just another postcard slogan with little visceral meaning. Short of traveling the much longer distance to Alaska, this where one can find true wild forest nature like one sees on TV. There are a number of things that make it special, like not having to give up civilization to see it, and that will become immediately clear in your limo ride from the airport to your accommodations.

Whether or not one is convinced there is an environmental crisis caused by global warming, and without concerning oneself over whether such a phenomenon is man-made or a cyclic norm, there is no question US weather has been crazy of late. The normal patterns of warm areas and colder areas have held relatively normal, but it is the extremes that have made the last few years so different

With record breaking heat spells changing vacation fun in the sun spots to nearly survival endurance endeavors, the Northwest has maintained a natural cool climate, free of humidity and strength draining heat. Certainly it can get warm enough to feel uncomfortable during the day, but this is the exception, and the Northwest has a tremendous advantage – it always cools off at night.

Charmed with the natural ocean current flowing from the cold North waters off Alaska and the Kamchatka peninsula, the on shore winds act like a natural air conditioner, keeping western Washington a pleasant temperature throughout the summer. And if it is hot during the day, the limousine service offers will keep you cool and get you where you want to go in style. With salmon runs, forests of truly astounding size and beauty and the magnificence of the Olympic mountain range, this is a haven for the outdoor loving.

Hiking is a primary activity, and there are trails to accommodate every level, from the novice hiker who needs to keep those hiking boots on asphalt and still see nature, to the adventurous who wish to test themselves on Mount Rainier, no one should go home disappointed. Thanks to a rigid forest and fish law, this beautiful scenery will remain for all of us and our children to enjoy.

Harvesting the bounties of the sea is also a major attraction, with clams, oysters and fish of myriad varieties available to those so predisposed. There are, of course, the matter of licenses and limits to navigate, as one would expect in a community that prizes and protects its resources, but the rules are easily learned and complied with. Without too much effort, one can be ready to indulge in fishing, clam digging or oyster gathering the day after arrival.

Fishing deserves a special note here, while people fish all over the US in fresh and salt water, there is little to compare with tangling with a good sized salmon. The fight of this magnificent fish is legendary, and unlike the truly big game like tarpon, marlin and shark, one needs no special gear or boat. When the day is done and one has been fortunate enough to catch one or more the reward is in eating one of the most flavorful fish in existence.

For those who have made the effort, played all the rules and gave it their best and come up a bit short, no worries, the city of Seattle has some of the finest dining in America. So when you are all tuckered out from the days activities, settle into your comfortable Limo and tour the city. When your done, take in one of the fine dining experiences that place Seattle with the best in America.